Driver motor L298N

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Drive 2 buah DC motor atau 1 buah motor stepper bipolar 2 fase dengan chip L298 dual H-Bridge. Modul ini dilengkapi dengan heatsink untuk menjaga performa dan durabilitas driver. Tersedia juga berbagai port untuk koneksi ke motor dan header male untuk koneksi ke kontroler.

– Finned Aluminum Heatsink for the L298 IC
– Tegangan motor 7-35V DC
– Onboard 5-Volt DC Regulator (A jumper selects between external 5-Volt power or the onboard 5-volt regulator.)
– Screw Terminal connections for ground, motor power, 5-volt power, and motor outputs
– 0.1 inch-pitch header pins for logic inputs
– Jumpers to tie the enable inputs to ground (if desired)
– Switches up to 2 amps per channel

The overall PC Board dimensions are 1.70″ Square x 1.16″ Tall. Mounting holes in each corner accept 1/8″ screws or standoffs. This module is easy to get running, with only 4 logic pins required


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